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This is the privacy statement of Velosol Fitness Center - Jens Fabio De Roock, Calle Los Naranjos 14, 03728 Alcalali, Alicante España, registered with the Chamber of Commerce under the number ES Y4501956L.


Why do we have a privacy statement?
If you have a membership of Velosol Fitness Center, want a membership of Velosol Fitness Center, visit our website, use our app or respond to our social media posts, we need certain personal data from you. We want to be transparent about the processing of your personal data by Velosol Fitness Center and that is why we have created this privacy statement. Velosol Fitness Center is extremely careful with your personal data and adheres to the laws and regulations relating to the protection of personal data, including the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Below we have listed for you what data we process from you, why we do that and how we deal with your personal data. In addition, it explains how you can change the processing of your personal data by Velosol Fitness Center. Because we are a dynamic company in a rapidly developing environment, it is important that we update our privacy statement from time to time. We therefore reserve the right to change this privacy statement at any time. You can always find the most up-to-date declaration on our website. We recommend that you visit this page regularly.


What personal data do we process?

Velosol Fitness Center processes personal data. According to the GDPR, personal data is "any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person". This is any data that can be directly or indirectly traced to you as an individual. We receive the data directly from you, when you become a member of Velosol Fitness Center, when you visit the website or when you contact us via social media.


Data of our members
When you become a member of Velosol Fitness Center, we process at least your name, address, place of residence, telephone number and your e-mail address, bank account number, gender and date of birth. If you already have a membership with Velosol Fitness Center, we will continue to process this kind of personal data from you. When you use the services of Velosol Fitness Center, the following personal data will also be processed, depending on which services are purchased: membership number, pass number, choice of language, channel through which you became a member, registered club visits, last visit to our club, type of subscription, additional benefits, sports profile if a survey is completed, information that you may have given to our customer service, your financial status at Velosol Fitness Center (services and products purchased and whether paid).


Velosol Fitness Centre App by Virtuagym
Our app is designed to support our members in their fitness journey, to provide a self-service tool to manage your membership, make reservations and inform our members about their gym, services and products. After activating an account, you can personalise the app as much as you like, depending on your own fitness goals. We can distinguish the following categories of personal data in our app:


1. Details for creating and using an app account
If you are a member of Velosol Fitness Center, you can easily install the app and log in by providing your membership details. The following data will be uploaded into your app (data you normally see within 'Virtuagym'): Name, age, gender, country, language, contact details, membership type, membership and card number, home club, reservations and club visits. If you are not a member of Velosol Fitness Center, you must create an account by providing the following information: Name, age, gender, country, language, and email address.

2. Data to help you reach your sports goals and personalise your app
Our app can help you reach your sports goals. Therefore, you should add some data such as your height, weight, goals, sport preferences and planned and completed workouts. Your BMI will be calculated automatically.

3. Connect with your Apple health app
You can connect your health app to our Virtuagym app to optimize your sport goals. The data from your health app will only be visible on the app on your own device. Velosol Fitness Center will not view, collect or store this data on its own systems.

4. Other optional extras
Profile picture, personal coaching dashboard, virtual lessons, recommended products/sports nutrition, recommended dietary tips and recipes. We also offer the option 'club finder', where you can give permission for the use of your location data. Velosol Fitness Center does not store this location data.

5. Inviting Friends
You can invite friends to join you and become members of Velosol Fitness Center. To do so, we will direct you to our website from where we will provide you with a special link to send to your friends.

6. Analytical data
We analyse the use of the app to improve its functionality and security and for personalisation and marketing purposes. We analyse by using a unique identifier, interpretable only by Velosol Fitness Center, and do not use any user or device data. Velosol Fitness Center uses Google analytics and has concluded a Data Processing Agreement with Google in this regard. Google uses device data such as IMEI (not accessible to Velosol Fitness Center) for identification purposes.

Velosol Fitness Center never shares or sells personal data of app users with third parties. Your app account data will be deleted 6 months after cancellation of your membership. You can change your settings, personal data or marketing preferences in the app's privacy settings. More information on your privacy rights can be found in the last section of this statement.



Camera protection
We have cameras in and around our clubs, but we use the images for limited purposes. We are well aware that camera security also affects the privacy of our members and staff and therefore we monitor with the utmost care. For example, there is no camera security in changing rooms or sanitary areas and monitoring is in principle only reactive. This means that images are viewed after an incident has been reported. For information on the nature and implementation of our camera security we refer to our Camera Security Regulations on our website.


Access fraud
Velosol Fitness Center has included in its General Terms and Conditions that it is not allowed to provide another person with illegal access to the club by allowing him to train or access the sports infrastructure. A fine (equivalent to the value of a day pass) will be charged for this, or in the event of repetition, membership may be terminated. Specially equipped cameras that can recognise access fraud are placed at the access points. If the camera detects fraud, the images are always verified by an authorised member of staff to determine whether access fraud has occurred. The offence is registered and forwarded to the registered owner of the specific card number. This person receives an e-mail from us requesting them to pay the fine at the kiosk.


Data of visitors to the website
The personal data of visitors to our website are also processed. This concerns personal data that you enter on the contact page or in the web shop itself, such as your e-mail address, name, address, place of residence, current location or a telephone number.


Social media
Velosol Fitness Center uses social media like Facebook and Instagram with their own profile page. Through these channels you can follow Velosol Fitness Center and respond to our communications and news feeds. You may also use the private messaging option to contact us with questions or concerns about your membership. These private messages will be answered by our customer service or marketing experts through our membership system, thus centralising all member communication. Personal details about your membership will only be communicated through the private message option chat and never through the public chat.

What are the grounds for processing? We may only process your personal data if there is a legal basis for doing so.

The following grounds are:
- When you have given your permission. This permission can always be withdrawn;;
- The execution of the agreement you entered into with Velosol Fitness Centre;
- to comply with a legal obligation of Velosol Fitness Centre;
- to protect your vital interests; and;
- for the fulfilment of a task of general interest or the exercise of public authority; and
- for the protection of the legitimate interests of Velosol Fitness Centre.


What is the purpose of processing your data?


Velosol Fitness Center processes your data in order to provide you with our fitness services. For example, to create a membership card that gives you access to the clubs of Velosol Fitness Center, to handle and answer questions and complaints, to prepare, send and collect invoices and to communicate in the correct language. In addition, we process the data that you provide for specific services in order to realise that specific service. An example of this is the data you enter in the Velosol Fitness Center app so that we can help you achieve your exercise goals.


Velosol Fitness Center processes your data to keep you informed, mainly by e-mail (or, very occasionally, by letter or telephone). You will receive information about your subscription: you cannot unsubscribe from these messages. You will also receive information about similar products and services of Velosol Fitness Center, such as confirmation of training schedules and new group classes. You can unsubscribe from these messages at any time.

Marketing and sales activities
When you register, you will also be asked if you wish to receive information about other Velosol Fitness Center products and services, third-party products and services, and if we may use your data for profiling purposes to send you information that matches your indicated interests. If you indicate that you prefer not to receive this type of information, you will not receive it. You may opt out of receiving this information, as well as indicate and change your choice, at any time using the link provided or via myVelosol Fitness For clarification, we do not sell our members' personal information to third parties for their direct marketing activities.

Analysis & (market) research
We may use your personal data for research and analysis purposes in order to improve the services of Velosol Fitness Center and its affiliated companies. We may also ask you to participate in a free customer or market survey in order to improve our services. You decide whether you want to participate by giving or withholding your consent.

Velosol Fitness Center processes member data for statistical analyses and management reports. Based on these analyses and reports, decisions are made, products and services are evaluated and campaigns are assessed for their effectiveness. For this purpose, member data is used on an aggregated level. Aggregate means that the data does not contain information about individual members, but only information about specific groups based on usage, age or new membership.

Contact with member
If you contact us or we contact you by phone, email, social media, chat or any other means, your information will be recorded. This allows Velosol Fitness Center staff to see at a later time that you have been in contact and what you have been in contact about. This helps us to handle your request faster and more effectively. You can think of questions about services, complaints, invoices or payments, if you participate in market research and sales calls. Recordings of telephone calls between members and Velosol Fitness Center may be stored for replay and training purposes. If a call is potentially recorded, you will first be notified that the call may be recorded.

Legal Obligations
Velosol Fitness Center may be obliged by law or regulation to process your personal data and/or provide them to third parties. For example, if a competent authority, such as the police, requests it in the context of a criminal investigation.


Other purposes
If Velosol Fitness Center wishes to use personal data for a purpose other than those already described, it will ask you for your permission.

Do we use cookies?
Velosol Fitness Center makes use of cookies when offering its services. What cookies are and what types of cookies Velosol Fitness Center uses, you can read in the Cookie Statement of Velosol Fitness Center. to be found on our website

How do we secure your data?
Velosol Fitness Center has appropriate technical and organisational security measures in place to protect personal information from loss, destruction or damage, unauthorised access, or any other form of unlawful processing of your personal information. We do this by taking physical and organizational measures for access protection, by securing all desktops with username, password and authorisation management so that your data cannot be viewed by all employees of Velosol Fitness Center. But also by keeping software up-to-date and testing our security systems regularly.

How long do we keep your data?
We will retain your data for as long as is necessary for the purposes for which we are processing your data and for no longer than is legally permissible. The actual retention period will vary depending on the type of personal data. If you have a membership with Velosol Fitness Center, we will keep your data for at least the duration of your membership. Once the retention period has expired, your personal data will be anonymised or deleted.

Do we use third party services for data processing?
Velosol Fitness Centre makes use of the services of other parties. This is done only after screening with regard to security and privacy and only after the company has signed an agreement with regard to the use and protection of personal data. Actions in which third parties are involved include: offering introduction classes, (online) marketing, market research, debt collection, advertising and analysing the effectiveness of advertisements, web analysis and applications/SaaS services used in the context of recruitment and selection, member administration, customer service and marketing, mobile app, telephone contacts and bank transactions.

Do we provide information to third parties?
In principle Velosol Fitness Center does not provide or sell any data to third parties. Under the terms of the law or regulations Velosol Fitness Center may be obliged to process your personal data and/or provide them to third parties. For example, if a competent authority such as the police requests it in the context of a criminal investigation.

What influence do I have on the processing of my personal data?
Data subjects have a number of rights under the GDPR. Everyone has the right to access their personal data, have it corrected or supplemented, have it deleted, request a restriction on processing, have it transferred and object to the processing of their personal data. Below is a brief explanation of the various rights.

Access to data
You have the right to inspect your personal data and receive a copy of it.


Correction of data
You have the right to have your personal data corrected if they are incorrect and to have them completed if they are incomplete.


Deletion of data
You can request that your personal data be deleted and this request must be granted in the following cases: because the data are no longer necessary for the purposes for which they were collected or processed, because you withdraw your consent, because you have successfully objected to their processing, because the personal data have been processed unlawfully, or to comply with a legal obligation.

Restriction of processing
You have the right to request and obtain a restriction of processing in a number of specific cases: during the period of contesting the accuracy of personal data and verifying it, if processing has been found to be unlawful but you do not want the data to be erased, if Velosol Fitness Center no longer needs the data but you need the data for a legal claim, and if you object to the processing and are awaiting a response to the objection. You request that your personal data be blocked (temporarily blocked) with the aim of limiting future processing.

Portability of data
You have the right to have your data transferred. This means that you can request and receive a copy of your personal data, which can then be used by another service provider, for example. The data will be provided in a structured, up-to-date and machine-readable form. This can be an Excel file, CSV file, or another downloadable format. This right only applies if the processing of the data is based on consent or a contract and if the processing is carried out using automated procedures.

Objection to processing
You have the right to object at any time, on grounds relating to your particular situation, to: the processing of your personal data on the basis of a general public service or a service assigned to Velosol Fitness Center in the exercise of public authority and if the processing is necessary for the purposes of safeguarding the legitimate interests of Velosol Fitness Center or of a third party, where your interests are overridden. If your personal data are processed for direct marketing purposes, you may also object at any time to such processing, as well as to any profiling in connection with direct marketing.

Filing a complaint
You have the right to complain about the way we handle your data. If you have a complaint, we prefer to resolve it with you directly. In addition, you always have the right to take your complaint to the competent authority that supervises the protection of personal data. If you want to exercise one of your rights, you can do so as follows.


You can submit your request through our Virtuagym app, or send your request by email to or send your request by post to:

Velosol Fitness Center
Attn: de Privacy Officer
Calle Los Naranjos 14
03728, Alcalali, Alicante, Spain


Always state the nature of your request: 'request for inspection', 'request for rectification', etc., stating your name, membership number and card number. You will receive a response within one month of receiving your request.


For questions regarding this privacy statement and the policies of Velosol Fitness Center, please contact


1. Access to and use of facilities 
a. VELOSOL FITNESS is a sports facility (gym) which reserves access and use of its facilities to all persons who acquire subscriber status by formalising their registration.
b. All subscribers have the right to general use of the facilities, use of the changing rooms, gym, group classes (determined by the number of places available for each class), within the time frame and schedule set by the centre for free use. 
c. VELOSOL FITNESS, through the director or the person in charge of the facility, reserves the right of admission. 

2. Registration 

a. Registration is subject to the rules and regulations established by VELOSOL FITNESS. 
b. The initial fee must be paid in cash or by credit card at the time of registration, on site or via our online payment system via our website 
c. Registration is personal and non-transferable and non-refundable. 
d. Only persons older than 14 years may register. 
e. Upon registration as a member of the gymnastics centre you will receive a card, which gives you access to the facilities, this card is for personal and non-transferable use. Showing the card is essential for access to the gymnasium. For this card, a deposit of 2 euros is paid upon registration.
f. In case of loss or damage of the card a new card must be paid for. For this card a deposit of 2 euro must be paid.
g. Fraudulent use of the membership card will result in the permanent cancellation of the membership, the withdrawal of the rights acquired as a member and the possibility not to register in the gym. 

3. Fees and receipts 

a. Paid fees are not refundable and are not compensated for unused periods.
b. Returned receipts are credited and the subscriber is liable for the costs of return shipment as well as for any damage that may occur in accordance with applicable law.
c. The non-payment of any amount and/or fee, including SEPA direct debits, which have not taken place, implies the loss of all rights acquired at the time of registration, the subscriber's registration in arrears without the need for notice, and VELOSOL FITNESS may refer the matter to its legal services, in order to take all legal measures to which it is legally entitled. 
d. All services and additional products shall be paid for in cash or by credit card at the time of purchase. Under no circumstances may they be paid for by direct debit with the monthly fee. 
e. Subscribers who wish to change their payment method must report this at least 2 days before the end of their subscription and pay the corresponding amount for this procedure. 
f. If subscriber status is obtained by subscribing to a promotional price or offer, it applies only to the specific offer subscribed to and for the period for which the subscription is made, with the normal price set in the Centre being paid from the quota at the end of this period. 


4. Limitation of liability 

a. For safety reasons VELOSOL FITNESS offers members or guests of the fitness area the use of lockers for DAILY USE in which personal belongings can be stored.  
b. The lockers are for DAILY USE; they may only be used during the time the subscriber spends in the facility daily and must be left free and available at the end of that time.
c. VELOSOL FITNESS reserves the right to open and clean DAILY USE lockers that remain closed when the club closes. Use the necessary methods to open the lockers which are still occupied. Items removed from lockers will remain in the facility for a maximum of 30 days, during which time they may be retrieved. After the expiration of this period, Velosol Fitness will dispose of these belongings. 
d. VELOSOL FITNESS is not responsible for loss, damage or theft in the lockers or any other part of the facility. 
e. VELOSOL FITNESS is liable for all damages that can be attributed to it and for which it is responsible, both with respect to persons and property. However, the Company declines all responsibility for accidents that may befall subscribers and guests, as well as objects belonging to them, as a result of practising sport in the facilities at its disposal. 

5. General rules for the use and operation of the facility. 

a. It is compulsory to use a towel during training in the fitness room and group lessons. It is compulsory to clean the equipment after use, both in the fitness hall and in the group lessons.  
b. It is strictly forbidden to wear street shoes or clothing that is not suitable for the activity being performed. 
c. Within the facilities it is MANDATORY to wear sports clothing and specific footwear. Also the use of slippers, towel or bathrobe in the shower area. 
d. For reasons of hygiene and safety, shaving, depilation and similar activities are prohibited in the changing rooms. 
e. Proper use must be made of the materials and equipment as well as the facilities. 
f. Damage caused by improper use of the facilities must be paid for by the person who caused the damage. 
g. Any aggressive, insulting or inappropriate behaviour in the sports hall will result in immediate removal from the facilities. 
h. Smoking or vaping is not allowed in the facility. 
i. The use of narcotics, anabolics or alcohol is strictly prohibited in the facility. 
j. Children under the age of 14 are not allowed to use the facilities. 
k. VELOSOL FITNESS reserves the right to establish, impose or change the rules of the gym, always in the interest of the proper functioning of the gym. 
l. The Management accepts no liability for abuse of the facilities by a subscriber or guest, unless this is due to the negligence of VELOSOL FITNESS or its staff. 
m. VELOSOL FITNESS staff will ensure that all members and guests comply with the general rules of the Gym. 
n. The Gym may be closed for a period of 14 days for work or improvements to the facilities, provided 14 days notice is posted on the notice board. 
o. VELOSOL FITNESS reserves the right to close the facility on public holidays which will be advertised on the notice board at least 5 days in advance. 
p. VELOSOL FITNESS undertakes to maintain and preserve all facilities in the best possible condition. 
q. During holiday periods (July and August), Christmas and Easter, or special weeks, the opening and closing times may be changed. Changes will be announced in advance, to the knowledge of all users, as well as the modification of the schedules of the guided tours. With this prior knowledge, the user will decide whether or not to become a subscriber, for which he will have to comply with point 3, under b. 
r. The fitness room will close 15 minutes before the scheduled time so that users can shower before the room closes. 
s. All services carried out within the centre will be carried out by VELOSOL FITNESS staff; no service may be carried out within the centre without the knowledge of the centre's management. 
t. The group lessons have a limited capacity. Anyone who does not reserve a place for the supervised activities with a place reservation will not be allowed to attend the class on that day, unless there are free places once the list of people registered has passed.
u. A minimum of three people is required for the classes to take place. If the minimum number of participants is not reached, the class will be cancelled and will not take place that day.
v. If you wish to take part in a group lesson you must register in advance, no later than the time specified for each lesson,     
w. The rules and regulations will be posted within the facility so that you can know and observe them. 

6. Physical condition of subscribers 
a. The subscriber declares that he/she is in good physical condition and has no medical knowledge that would prevent him/her from participating in active or passive exercise in the Gymnasium, and further declares that such exercise will not be detrimental to his/her health, safety, comfort or physical condition. 
b. By signing this contract, the subscriber discharges VELOSOL FITNESS CENTER from all liability for damage, injury or even death, which may occur in the facilities of the Gymnasium, as well as in the activities organized outside it, as a result of the use of the equipment and materials provided by VELOSOL FITNESS to the subscriber. All this is deemed to be related to practising sport, since the subscriber declares that he does so under his own responsibility. 
c. VELOSOL FITNESS reserves the right to ask the potential subscriber, active subscriber or guest, to undergo a medical examination to check his/her physical condition and health. These costs will be borne by the prospective subscriber, active subscriber or guest. 

7. Customer file 
In accordance with the provisions of Organic Law 15/99 of 13 December 1999 on the Protection of Personal Data, hereinafter "LOPD", users are informed of the existence of automated files in which data are stored. Users consent to receiving e-mails and text messages for information campaigns in their e-mail and mobile phone accounts. Automated data files are the responsibility of Virtuagym unless it is explicitly stated that another party is responsible for a specific file. If you do not wish to receive commercial information, please tick this box with an X: ꙱ This clause also implies that you consent to the collection and processing of your health data when necessary.


Terms of use Members Platform and APP VIRTUAGYM

Users expressly agree to these Terms of Use when using a Virtuagym website or any other Virtuagym product or service. The Terms of Use also apply to all contracts made by Virtuagym. Users of the products and contractors to whom these Terms of Use apply can be found at Virtuagym's website below.

Velosol Fitness Center

Calle Los Naranjos 14,

03728 Alcalali
Alicante, Spanje


Jens Fabio De Roock

VAT: ES Y4501956L

Tel. +34 639 908 945

Velosol Fitness Center - Jens Fabio De Roock - VAT: ES Y4501956L -  Calle Los Naranjos 14, 03727 Alcalali, Alicante, Spain

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