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Try the Doltcini jersey and enjoy comfortable and fashionable clothing for your cycling adventures. This model PRO - CALPE will provide you with maximum comfort and freedom of movement throughout the day. The Doltcini model jersey PRO - CALPE is the ideal cycling garment with seamed anatomical sleeves and a tight fit through the body. With an elasticated finish at the hips, the jersey PPRO - CALPE stays tight on the body, preventing the garment from bunching up and covering the cyclist's waist. The wide elasticated collar around the neck ensures comfort and freedom. This jersey PRO GREY - WATTS features three deep back elastic pockets that allow you to easily carry your necessary accessories and supplements, cell phone, vest while cycling. It also has reflective tape on the back for greater visibility and safety on the road. This jersey PRO - CALPE is designed with seamless sleeves, ensuring maximum comfort and freedom of movement.

Cycling Jersey Short Sleeves CALPE

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