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Cycling arm warmers black sleeves suitable for dressing during colder days. > 15 ° C and humidity <55%. The top edge of the cycling riders black sleeve is dressed under the elastic band of the jersey with short sleeves, so that the jersey short sleeves can stick the arm warmers sleeve in fix place. The riders arm warmers black sleeves adheres tightly to the cyclist's hand and is an ideal finishing accessory of short sleeve jersey, which in turn autoamically turns into jersey with long sleeves. Cycling arm warmers black sleeves are sewn from elastic material with silicone elastic at the top. The Doltcini cycling arm warmers black sleeves are also the preferred accessory of the Downhill riders who wear the arm warmers sleeves under the protectors. Thus, they easily retain the tread pattern from sweating. The arm warmers black sleeves are also a preferred accessory by professional riders who retain heat from their hands during workouts in cooler days. Typical temperature range for the use of the arm warmers sleeves for cycling with intense sport from 7 ° C to 15 ° C.

Arm warmers

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