The Vittoria Rubino Pro is the all-rounder from the Rubino series. The Rubino Pro is an all-rounder and suitable for all conditions. For example, the Vittoria Rubino Pro is provided with a very flexible compound on the sides for optimal grip in wet conditions.

The Vittoria Rubino Pro is made up of 3 different compounds. The use of multiple compounds creates an ideal balance between rolling resistance, grip and durability. The carcass of the Rubino Pro road bike tire is made of 150 TPI nylon. This makes the carcass slightly stiffer, but also extra durable. With the Rubino Pro Graphene tire you therefore have kilometers of cycling pleasure.

Versatile and durable
The Vittoria Rubino Pro Graphene is an excellent choice for riders looking for a wear-resistant and puncture-resistant tire, without compromising on rolling resistance. The Rubino Pro can be used in all weather conditions, from dry and warm to wet and cold.


28 inch, color Black

23-622, 700 x 23c: 230 grams
25-622, 700 x 25c: 250 grams

Vittoria Rubino Pro


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