Shimano SM-SH51 SPD Single Release Cleats

These Shimano SM-SH51 plates are the single release variant of Shimano's well-known SPD cleats and can be mounted on your mountain bike or spinning shoes.

Single release
Single release means that you can only click out in one way, namely by moving your heel out. This ensures that you are always very tight in your pedal, making these cleats more suitable for cyclists who are already used to clicking in and out with SPD pedals.

Novice cyclist?
For novice cyclists we recommend the counterpart of these cleats, namely the Shimano SM-SH56. These silver-colored plates have a sideways clearance of three degrees and have more click-out options, hence they are called the multi-release variant.


Supplied as standard

• Set of 2 cleats SM-SH51 single release
• 4 mounting bolts


Shimano SM-SH56 SPD Multi Release Cleats

The Shimano SH-SM56 cleats are so-called multi-release cleats. That means you can click out in three ways. By moving your heel out, pulling your shoe diagonally to the right and / or up. It is precisely these many ways of clicking out that make these pedals suitable for beginners and for bikers who are not yet completely sure with their click pedals. If you do jumps regularly, these pictures are not recommended. During jumps, your feet sometimes make unexpected movements and you may accidentally click out.

Have you been driving with clipless pedals for some time. Then look at the SM-SH51, single release cleats.

Supplied as standard

• Cleats SM-SH56 multi-release
• including 4 screws

Cleats Shimano SPD


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