With these Shimano SPD-SL cleats for road bike pedals, you will get a good grip and click in and out easily. These SPD-SL cleats are available in three variants, yellow, blue and red. These variants each have a different degree of leeway.

Yellow Cleats
The yellow cleats have the greatest degree of clearance. These are the standard cleats that come with most Shimano road bike pedals. These cleats have 6 degrees of play, so you have a lot of freedom of movement while cycling. The advantage of this is that you can cycle comfortably and there is little chance that you will suffer from your knees or other body parts. The disadvantage is that you lose energy in the movement of the foot.
This cleat is used by many groups of cyclists, from recreational riders to professionals. However, there are also many more fanatic cyclists who opt for a cleat with less clearance.

Blue Cleats
These blue cleats have 2 degrees of play and therefore have less play than the yellow cleats. This means that the freedom of movement of the foot is lower when it is clicked into the pedal, so there is less energy loss while cycling. The disadvantage is that it becomes more difficult to find an ideal position of the foot while cycling, which increases the risk of knee complaints. To avoid this, cleat adjustment will need to be done with greater precision.

Red Cleats
Shimano's red cleats have no play at all. As a result, the foot has no freedom of movement while cycling, so that almost all energy benefits the cycling movement. This allows you to cycle faster with this pedal with more control. Thanks to these properties, these cleats are widely used by competitive cyclists. The disadvantage of these cleats is that the adjustment is very accurate and therefore has to be done with great precision. With incorrectly adjusted cleats, you have a greatly increased risk of complaints to knees or other body parts.


Supplied as standard

• Set of 2 Shimano SPD-SL cleats
• Including mounting material

Cleats Shimano SPD-SL


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