The Look Keo cleats are suitable for use with all Look Keo pedals. There are three variants. The gray version with 4.5 degrees clearance is supplied as standard with all look pedals. There is also a red variant with 9 degrees of play. It is particularly suitable for cyclists with sensitive knees. The black version has no play and is only recommended for competitive riders who do not need any freedom of movement.

Different clearance to create the optimal cycling comfort for you
The Look Keo cleats are available in three variants, each with a different lateral clearance. The red variant of the Keo cleats have the most play, namely 9 degrees. These cleats are ideal for novice cyclists or cyclists with sensitive knees. The black cleats have no play, and are therefore recommended for very experienced riders who have a perfect adjustment to avoid injuries. The gray cleats are exactly in between, with 4.5 degrees of clearance.

Compatible with Look pedals
These Look cleats are suitable for shoes with a 3-hole attachment on the sole. Also, these cleats are only compatible with Look pedals.

Please note, the old Look Delta pedals have a different size than the new Look Keo pedals. These plates are therefore not suitable for Look Delta pedals.


Supplied as standard

• Set of 2 Look Keo cleats
• 6x square rings
• 6x 9 mm mounting bolts

Look Keo Cleats


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