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We are very proud to introduce our Bike and Fight ambassador, Maxim Pirard.


What started as a very nice introduction on January 1, 2020 *, at the foot of the Coll de Rates in Spain, culminated in the proverbial click and a while after  also became the motivation to pluck up courage and ask Maxim Pirard if he would fancy to become Ambassador of our “Bike and Fight” project.  To my great surprise ànd joy he almost answered  immediately with his well-known flair “Okay, cool. Seems wicked, yes. ” Maxim is no longer a noble stranger to many. He stands for extreme perseverance and he is not afraid of bravery and exceptional challenges. It is precisely these characteristics, together with his friendly - and purely human-like character, that make this sympathetic Ghent native, born in 1997, an excellent Ambassador for our “Bike and Fight” project.


Below you will find some achievements of Maxim:


September 2018 : In 12h time driving 1.600 (!!!!) laps on the cycling track of the Flemish Cycling Center Eddy Merckx in Ghent for the benefit of “ Vélo Afrique”

.July 2019 : A bike ride of 1000 KM to Albi in France. Goal? Supporting in the Tour of France.September 2019 : Gold medal World Cup Granfondo in Poznan (Poland). (In 2017 he already obtained Bronze in this discipline.)
1st of january 2020: 20 x driving up and down  Coll de Rates (ES). Target? Personal training objective.  7.200 altimeters - 260 KMS - 10h40 in the saddle. (*) It was during this writ that I got to know Maxime personally by giving him some well-deserved support, a small gesture he very much appreciated.

April 2020 : Maxim’s ode to the Tour of Flanders that this year could not continue due to the COVID19 measures. Solo ride (not on rolls!) Along the Flemish borders. 1001 KMS - 36h - at an average of almost 30 KM / hour.


Since that uplifting meeting on January 1, 2020, in Spain, I have continued to follow Maxim closely and belong to his growing group of supporters. With Maxim as the figurehead, we want to give all (ex-) cancer patients an extra boost to never give up; not during - but also not àfter their fight against cancer. I speak from experience and personally I am strongly convinced that picking up cycling during my cancer treatment has made me stronger, both physically and mentally. The microbe of cycling still bites me, even 3 years after my last chemo treatment. I couldn't resist doing a “mini Pirard” and went cycling 5 times up and down the Coll de Rates. Every start is difficult - but oh so satisfying ;-) Together with Maxim we want to encourage as many peers  as possible to (keep) cycl(e)ing and to push their own limits. Wouldn't it be great to achieve this together, here in Spain, wouldn't it? Don't forget the well-deserved pancakes or fresh beer on a sun-drenched terrace.

We continue to expand our “Bike and Fight” project based from Spain and hope, together with all cycling enthusiasts, to make it a real success for all involved.



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With motivated, sporty greetings….


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